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Are you consistent in your daily health practices?  

We provide daily support & accountability for you to keep you on track and ensure that you achieve your health goals.  
We are in 100%. 


TODAY is the perfect day for a new Beginning !

Know your Consultant

Dr. Catalina Grija, MD

I’m Catalina Grija, and I have been in a solo medicine practice for over 20 years and have always been a strong believer in preventive medicine, and weight management as a big part of it.

With that said, I have decided to switch and focus on functional medicine. I think that now, more and more, we’re lacking support and accountability for our patients.

Because of this, it makes it very difficult to deal with chronic issues. People are always enthusiastic at the beginning when they receive a plan but quickly lose focus after a couple of weeks.

I wanted to create a community so that people can stick with their goals and receive support throughout their entire process. I focus on getting to the root cause of the problem at a cellular level

Does this sound like you?

  •  I am tired of trying and failing
  • I've tried everything from fasting to pills, and even if I lost some, it came back even more! I want to see how Functional Medicine works.
  • I am starting to avoid friends because I have gained all this weight and I dont want them to comment! Plus nothing fits meany more! Leggins and baggy shirts are my go to outfit.
  •  I am exhausted even when I wake up in the morning, I don't feel like waking up earlier to exercise. And by the time I get home, I still have so much to do with the kids
  • I start, do well until a party, when everyone compliments me on how great I look.Then I think I deserve to treat myself with my favorite desert. Only to see the next day that I gained 2 lbs and feel guilty and dissappointed with myself. It's so depressing.
  • I'm sure it's my thyroid.
  •  Even when I am not hungry, I eat. I notice that I eat mostly when I feel stressed, sad, or bored and crave chocolate, especially at a particular time of the month.
  •  I eat once a day and go to the gym 5 days a week, but still don’t see any progress

What do you do then?


Diets & Routines

You immerse yourself in a diet/workout routine that is not maintainable. Then you try weight loss medications!


Self Doubts

You think that you’re going to fail or that you’re already a failure for not looking better or being healthier.



You compare yourself with all the skinny people out there that seem to eat anything they want without gaining one pound, leading to more dissatisfaction with yourself


Give up

In the end you either give up or you decide to see a bariatric surgeon for a surgical solution to your metabolic problem!

Here's the Thing....

I am here to tell you there is nothing wrong with you, you just haven’t found the right path yet, until NOW!

There's another way!


 We provide daily support and accountability to keep you on track and help you achieve your health goals and life long weight management with the appropriate lifestyle routines and foods choices based also on your genetic, hormonal and metabolic blueprint. We are in 100%.
All you need to do is trust yourself and be willing to change in order to live a healthy life free of guilt and disappointment while also saving money and time. Imagine how happy your kid will be when you are able to run & play without hassle.  In the future, if you want to save money and time, avoid medications and doctor's appointments.
Invest in your health now to ensure a healthy life in the future. 

You really want to exercise, you actually love yourself, You 10X'd your self esteem, everybody compliments you on how great you look and you actually enjoy the healthy meals that give you that sustained energy, with no crashes, and you forgot what guilt is!

How much would that be worth to you?


But wait...Before you make a Choice!
Let me Debunk the Metabolic Myths for you


Patients frequently tell us this "TRIED EVERYTHING".
Let's get into it and explain. For you, everything is what you are aware of. It is possible that you have not even tried 10% of what is possible and have created the illusion that you have tried everything.


Life has 24 hrs a day for all of us. Everyone would be unhealthy if time could not be managed. Let us invest time in our health now to avoid spending time being sick later..We offer video and phone consultations and chats to make things easier for you.  At your convenient time.


Even an Olympic athlete has a dietician and a coach, despite the fact that he is well aware of all of these factors. Do you believe you can identify and master your bodygenetic/metabolism/nutritional needs/exercise routine on your own, as well as prepare the ideal diet and supplement?

Become a


Unlock exicting offers & much more !

Unlock exicting offers &
much more !


We provide daily support and accountability to keep you on track and help you achieve your health goals and We are in 100%.

What Our Patients Say

Delfin Shamaki

Dr. Catalina has a fantastic personality, friendly & compassionate. Her warm reception goes a long way in easing tension you got. I can tell you it was a fun time during the visit. I strongly recommend her 

Florian Mintu

Definitely the most fun visit i've ever had at any doctor! Catalina is the best! Very knowledgeable and caring, i totally recommend her. You arrive there scared and depressed, and walk out happy and cheerful and 💕

Roseanne Saleh

If you want to go see a doctor that actually cares pls don’t search any further… she is amazing and knows what’s she’s doing , I love my healthy glowing skin I am so glad I went to her and not anyone else!!❤️

Aneta Dulaitis

Dr. Grija, thank you for being for me for all this years; for showing me the right way how to take care of my well being. For having so much patience & support...I know I can be difficult patient. I'm sure you are an inspiration 

Wanda Louis

For over twenty years Dr. Catalina Grija has been our primary care physician. Her genuine concern for whatever the health challenge, is reassuring. She takes her time, never rushing through the visit, asking question after question and listening intently. I have never missed a yearly exam, because at times there might be a phone call from her letting me know it is time or asking if I made my appointment for the physical or mammogram or bone scan. She is our Guardian 😇 Angle. When she decided to switch over to functional medicine, she offered us referrals to see other physicians but we chose to hang in there and to take this new journey with her because she is the real deal, hard working, caring and passionate about her work. I could not even imagine turning to someone else for our care. Thank you Dr. Grija for your dedication. You are an extension of our family and we love you dearly❤️

Dorota Banas

Highly Recommended. Dr. Grija is really nice and takes time to listen to her patients to evaluate and determine the best course of treatment. She looks at everything (extended blood test, urine test, stool test, and patient’s mental state). This is not a standard review as you might get from your regular doctor. Dr. Grija reviews Everything and is very clear explaining the test results and the treatment approach. In addition to losing weight, I also improved my approach to diet and exercise. She helped with reducing my allergy symptoms and foot pain. As a bonus, I haven’t gotten any cold sores ever since I started taking the herbal medication. For those looking for aging treatments, Dr. Grija also offers Botox and other anti-aging treatments.


We will evaluate your micronutrients deficiencies caused by your medications and replace those. We will closely monitor your response to the program as you may need to decrease the dose of some medications. We strongly suggest close glucose and blood pressure monitoring at home.

The 16 week program includes a full evaluation and the initial diet, lifestyle, tests recommendations based on a detailed questionnaire and discussion. We provide a shopping list, easy delicious recipes to explore, the appropriate supplements and determine whether exercise is appropriate for you. When our DNA test results become available, we create a personalized lifestyle and nutrition plan. The program also includes weekly meetings in person or online with the physician to identify and work on eliminating limiting beliefs and improving mindset. Daily support is available as needed via chat or phone call. During the program, you benefit from 20% discount on SculpSure laser body contouring and Neurotris microcurrent face/body sessions!

The result depends on your adherence to the recommended lifestyle. We design the personalized program for each person based on genetic analysis and your metabolism evaluation, so the result should be permanent. Remember health is a journey , not a destination! It is the pursuit of your best self!

You should continue the program on your own for further weight loss and metabolic improvement, or you may choose a Maintenance program with us. You have lifetime access to our Facebook Group and group Q&A's.