Our Asthetic Microcurrent that makes you look YOUNGER

Aesthetic Microcurrent 

Age has no influence on youthfulness. It is determined by one's vitality. A person who has hope is eternally young. One who is always progressing is always beautiful.

Microcurrent can be used to supplement a variety of spa treatments. It can be used for product penetration and as a simple substitute for microneedling to increase collagen production naturally and without causing trauma. It can be used to detoxify and reduce inflammation through lymphatic purging, as well as to rebuild muscles and promote balance in facial symmetry and contouring.

The experience of a facial treatment is wonderfully relaxing, painless, with no downtime and results begin immediately.

Microcurrent is one of the safest modalities to choose from where the risk of keloids formation and pigmentation is minimized and antiaging results are optimized.

What is Aesthetic Microcurrent?
 Neurotris systems use the latest advancements in microcurrent technology to offer a non-invasive solution for facial rejuvenation and body sculpting. The results include skin tightening, muscle toning and building, inch loss, reducing cellulite, wrinkle reduction and face lifting.

Who can go for Aesthetic Microcurrent? 
Microcurrent is for anyone who wants perfect facial health & improve but to be safe there are some exceptions mentioned below-  

Who should not go for Aesthetic Microcurrent? 
  •  1- Pregnant women or planning to get pregnant 
  • 2- History of skin cancer 
  • 3- History of seizures 
  • 4- Person having Heart problems  

Aesthetic microcurrent provides long-term results without harming or invading the dermal layer, resulting in facial contouring. Continuous microcurrent use reduces stress and fatigue by increasing the body's own healing ability, resulting in total health.

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